DEIF has developed the tool, PLC Link, for translation of the modeled application software into CodeSys IEC61131-compliant code that can be executed on the controller.The generated code is standardised and therefore compatible with a standard PLC as well as the powerful AWC 500 and AWC 400 from DEIF Wind Power Technology. The automated process is extremely fast compared to human programming and the generated code is flawless as the auto-generation eliminates the risk of human errors.

Test and simulate
PLC Link provides connectivity between the PLC system and the Simulink model, allowing the PLC to communicate with the simulation.

Online monitoring
PLC Link offers access to the PLC system directly from Simulink or MATLAB. An included block-set allows for monitoring of variables logged by Simulink scope blocks. Online parameter tuning is available through the MATLAB command line.

  • Translate Simulink models and Stateflow charts automatically into IEC 61131-3 structured text (ST), ANSI C and Pascal (DELPHI)
  • Build stand-alone applications and download directly to your PLC or generate code for implementation into existing PLC projects
  • Make you own code intergration, test systems, 3rd party system interfacing, code wrapping and many others with the Plugin Interface allowing custom user interaction with PLC Link.
  • Perform software-in-the-loop and PLC-in-the-loop testing
  • Monitor your PLC system real-time while using Simulink scopes for tests
  • Tune your PLC system by updating parameters online using Simulink or MATLAB command prompts
  • Support blocks using the standard Simulink library
  • Generate PLC code from embedded MATLAB blocks
  • Include custom IEC 61131-3 PLC code in the code generation process


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