Control system design

Customised control solutions for wind turbine design

Turbine control solutions from DEIF Wind Power Technology are all tailored to application.

Control system design takes fundamentally basis in our know-how and technologies as follows:

  • Overall control strategies
  • Aerodynamics and load calculations
  • Optimisation of regulation algorithms
  • Electrical switchboard design

Overall wind turbine design

All relevant knowledge will be at your disposal during the projects and we will stay with you during commissioning and optimisation of the wind turbine.

Wind turbine control system design- complete integrated systems or single controllers.

Your proven wind turbine control system integrator and controller supplier.

If you have chosen us to deliver complete switchboards and you at a later stage, should wish to manufacture the switchboards yourself, we will assist in implementing the design in your production or at a switchboard builder of your choice..

Likewise – if you would like to ‘take over’ the application software at a later stage – we will assist your R&D department adopting the code.

Model-based turbine control design

You can choose to use the MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink for model-based onwards design of the control strategy.

Our automatic code generation solution PLC Link ensures that your R&D staff can verify and translate the control strategy into CodeSys IEC61131-compliant PLC code in a matter of minutes.

The verification and translation tool ensures a swift translation and eliminates the risk of human errors.

You can also decide to make the onwards design/fine-tuning of the code directly in CodeSys. The choice is yours – we will in any case support you adopting the code.

If what you need is merely a supplier of selected controllers and components DEIF Wind Power Technology will also be your dedicated supplier.

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Pitch control, turbine control or retrofit?

DEIF Wind Power Technology develops and installs innovative green solutions for pitch control, turbine control and retrofit. Overall to secure and increase turbine performance. Choose DEIF's wind power solutions to reduce your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and increase your green electricity production.