Auxiliary plant control

AWC 500 is a robust CODESYS based PLC that shows its real value when the climate gets demanding.

The controllers’ climatic specifications with operating temperature ranging from -40 to +70 °C and its ability to operate in very humid and condensing conditions, makes it a robust choice for controlling auxiliary water, heating or cooling systems.

With its native EtherCAT IO modules, your electrical IO requirements for digital and analogue input and output signals, e.g. temperature inputs (PT100/100), pressure signal inputs (0(4)..20mA), pump (0/24V DC) and valve output signals (0(4)..20mA) can be matched.

AWC500 AUX Plant Umbraco

All IO can be centralised, or IO nodes can be created with EtherCAT as native intercommunication for larger facilities, or to simplify electrical wiring costs.

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