MM82, MM92

The two turbine models are well-known on the market, but the service and maintenance conditions are inadequate for the asset owners to secure an acceptable business. DEIF is very experienced with these turbines as they are placed widely in China.  


The new control system will completely take over control of the turbine. A new microcomputer will make faster calculations and secure safe and optimal operation. The source code and design are entirely independent of the original supplier. Open and optimised service can be agreed.


Senvion*’s current status fosters a lot of worries for the turbine owners regarding the future service standards and costs. The solution from DEIF will enable a new and independent service besides giving full access to data and optimisation of the turbine.


The solution from DEIF will modernise the turbine control and give full independence which will improve the AEP. Besides it will lower the service cost. The switch-over is straightforward as DEIF are only adding a new master controller.


The turbine will be updated with state-of-the-art control speed and safety. The update will give access to all available data and analysis. 


The solution is a standard package, and it will take over the control of the turbines within a few days. The turbine will immediately go into normal operation further and improve the AEP with a few percents. Key components in the pitch system can be replaced, but it is not urgent to get optimal AEP from day one.  


*) Senvion is a trademark of Siemens Gamesa. The trademark owner is not associated with this product.