Condition monitoring retrofit solution for multi brand MW turbines

TCM® is a registered trademark of Gram & Juhl A/S

TCM® Condition Monitoring System (CMS) Retrofit

Upgrade your turbine with CMS to gain knowledge about turbine performance to increase availability and service cost

The TCM® condition monitoring system is tailored to fit multi-brand turbines in a cost-effective way. With an easy-to-mount retrofit kit, downtime during installation is minimised and typically does not exceed one working day.

The condition monitoring solution combines different monitoring levels according to your service strategy needs and requirements.

DEIF offers the TCM® condition monitoring solution in cooperation with Gram & Juhl, a company which has extensive know-how from thousands of operation systems and monitoring. Key advantages include the use of masks around certain known frequencies to be monitored for a given turbine type. The adaptive solution is the key of the solution for being applicable as retrofit on a wide range of turbine brands.


  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Retrofit kit for specific marks
  • Proactive planning of maintenance and service
  • Vibration pattern analysis
  • Online alarms
  • Automated analysis
  • Remotely operated 
  • Easy integration with control & SCADA systems
  • Up to 18 synchronous channels which are software configurable 

Condition Monitoring System

TCM® Retrofit is a cost-effective turnkey solution for retrofitting turbines with a Condition Monitoring System (CMS)


Cashing in with TCM® retrofit

THE BOTTOM LINE: In the course of eight months, Meridian was able to save five gearboxes with TCM® Retrofit, amounting to a total cost savings of $2,690,000 USD!

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