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Retrofit Specialists

Based on decades of know-how, DEIF Wind Power Technology is specialised in turbine upgrade and retrofit. We operate as retrofit project partners to upgrade performance of turbines and entire wind parks. We take responsibility to evaluate owners’ assets, and deliver the best solution; supporting from business plan development to customising the retrofit solution for optimised performance.

We provide developed retrofit solutions for all kinds of wind turbines;

 VESTAS** V47 / V52 - GAMESA G47 / G52 - REPOWER MD77 - SENVION* MM82 / MM92 - VESTAS** V80 / V90 - SUZLON S64 / S88 - NORDEX N80 / N90 

Our retrofit solutions are based on innovative control technology - installed in more than 5.000 turbines so far. DEIF Wind Power Technology covers more than 
15% of the Chinese market – and retrofitted the first wind park in 2007.

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*) Senvion is a trademark of Siemens Gamesa. The trademark owner is not associated with this product.

**) “Vestas” is a trademark of Vestas Wind Systems A/S. The trademark owner is not associated with our products or services

Retrofit support team

Looking for a partner to evaluate on your assets or to develop your business plan? Contact one of our retrofit specialists to evaluate your possibilities to upgrade: We look forward to help you!

Multi Brand Retrofit

The turbine retrofit brochure gives you the full overview of DEIF Wind Power Technology's approach to a cost effective turbine retrofit solution including benefits supporting your long-term business goals.

Download Brochure - Multi Brand Retrofit

Pitch control, turbine control or retrofit?

DEIF Wind Power Technology develops and installs innovative green solutions for pitch control, turbine control and retrofit. Overall to secure and increase turbine performance. Choose DEIF's wind power solutions to reduce your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and increase your green electricity production.