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Få fuldt udbytte af din motor- og generatorstyring fra DEIF

AGC Designer

This training course is for designers who require detailed knowledge of the DEIF controller’s capabilities to be able to design and configure advanced power management systems. 

Your outcome

  • You will learn to setup a power management system with multiple mains and BTB’s.
  • You will learn which options of the controller to integrate into an application and how to design a switchboard for DEIF controllers.
  • You will be able to troubleshoot advanced power management systems and recognize different plant modes
  • You will learn to program custom AGC logic

Course prerequisites

The AGC Designer training session presupposes completion of the AGC Service. Attending both levels of AGC training will give you an in-depth gradual learning scale that enables you to fully master the sophisticated features of your power management system.

Please note that the training will be conducted in English and that you have to bring a laptop with a LAN port. You will have to install software on your PC, so please check if it requires special permission from your IT-administrator.

Training is a cornerstone to success

With the rapid advances in generator control and the increasingly sophisticated communication between engines themselves, it has become more necessary than ever for operators and service personnel to receive hands-on training.

DEIF commits to providing our customers with the information and resources necessary for the efficient use of our products. To that end, we offer training sessions for you and your associates to help you learn how to use DEIF generator controllers and software appropriately on our simulation equipment around the world. Attending a DEIF training session will enable you to provide your customers with cost-efficient solutions that meet all common requirements.  

We believe in learning by doing. Thus our courses involve hands-on training with simulation and emulation equipment in a clean, hazard-free, and controlled environment. Together we will simulate and troubleshoot a wide range of typical fault conditions and also applications based on input from the course participants without risking damage to your plant.

The sessions are carried out in small groups for greater flexibility and more involvement

Title Level Date Location Price Status
AGC Designer level 25-11-2020 - 26-11-2020 Skive, Denmark EUR 850 Available
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