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The main changes implemented since the last version are as follows:


  •    Invalid SPN messages are no longer shown in the DM1 log. TSC1 SA is now configurable for the Perkins protocol.
Ver. Dato Description



Version 1.15.2 based on version 1.15.1


  •    The MB will no longer trip on startup if the breaker is configured as a normally closed relay and the mains is okay.




  •    Invalid SPN messages are no longer shown in the DM1 log. TSC1 SA is now configurable for the Perkins protocol.



New features:

  • Support for LCD module based on the NT7538 display controller.




  • Improved precision of display readout of total energy counter.
  • Added new view line for absolute running hour counter with minutes.


  • Multi-input HW limit erroneous warning at power on.
  • EIC measurement alarms are now inhibited during EIC communication failure.




Version 1.14.0 based on version 1.13.1

New features:

  • Phase sequence error is now detected and handled at both sides of the breakers (common alarm extended to two separate alarms in menu 2150).


  • Phase sequence error is no longer detected when the voltage or frequency is outside volt./ frequency ok values.


  • Support of checksum in TSC1 telegram added for Volvo Penta EMS 2. Merge from SIPC 0497.
  • Phase sequence error status texts could appear even if they should be inhibited. GB would not close because of phase sequence error even if it was inhibited.





  • Initiated cool-down cannot be aborted when a wire break fail class alarm is present.
  • Running hours offset is now stored and handled correct.
  • Scania EMS2 KWP2000 log clearing now possible.
  • Inhibit evaluation added to a number of AC alarms.
  • Genset data (e.g. oil pressure) was not displayed/updated correctly in the USW.
  • Negative values in range -1.0 to 0.0 showed correctly in the display.
  • Corrected "Limits relay" handling when setting up alarm output.
  • A problem with downloading new language from the USW has been corrected. The Language download returned “burn error”.




  • Scaling range 1 kV - 75 kV changed to 0.4 kV - 75 kV.


  • Attempting to stop during idle at start would ramp the engine to full speed and keep running, if the running detection speed had been reached during idle run
    Running hours counter not saved, and total energy counter not shown correctly in display
  • Space padding in master texts has been removed. Further when writing translations, space padding is removed from each text programmed 



New features:

  • MTU ADEC CANopen engine communication interface now supports shutdown override.


  • Mains voltage failure limit changed from 80-100 % to 40-100 %


  • Inverse Time Overcurrent protection aligned with IEC 60255 part 151 (AGC 200)
  • MTU MDEC 302/303 protocols battery voltage measurement corrected.
  • Regarding Idle start timer: Timer now resets if the Start Off timer is running.
  • AMF sequence was incorrect in some cases.
  • Start enable has to be energised to activate the regulation.
  • Option H5/H7, MTU alarm "AL Speed Demand Failure" no longer present all the time.
  • The reactive power was wrong when the phase rotation was L1L3L2.
  • Unit could reboot if a Modbus command was sent while 'Inhibit modbus commands' was active




  • Language translation changed. From now on it is not possible to select a different font.
  • The two fonts are now merged, containing all previously used characters.
  • The new font contains some new characters. If any unsupported signs are written to the device the signs will appear as ' ' (space). USW 3.37.0 or higher required.


  • Several menu texts were not using translations - Corrected.
  • Parameter outputs A and B could not be configured as "Limits" - Corrected.
  • Option C2 inverse over-current malfunctions when using "Customer" defined curve - Corrected.
  • The Fuel Pump Logic feature now disabled under power up while measurements are invalid.
  • Relay setting error could occur each time the unit starts up - Corrected



New features:

  • RPM based on calculation from the AC reading


  • Pre-configuration of RMI 6-8 corrected

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