ASC-4 Battery Standalone

Automatic sustainable controller

Seamless integration of energy storage systems (ESS) in any power plant to reap the efficiency and climate benefits of hybrid eco-systems. The ASC-4 Battery can quickly and easily be customised to any ESS application. It offers efficient power and storage management in greenfield and brownfield applications with industry-standard control strategies and operating scenarios and compatibility with a wide range of battery systems and power inverters.

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The DEIF ASC-4 Battery is a highly configurable sustainable controller that allows seamless integration of a battery/ESS (energy storage system) in existing or new power plants. It is compatible with all power sources (mains, gensets, or renewables) and allows you to reap the efficiency and climate benefits of hybrid eco-systems.

The ASC-4 Battery is available in two variants:

  • A regular controller for greenfield hybrid EMS (energy management system) applications with other DEIF controllers, for example the AGC-4 Mk II and ASC-4 Solar, forming part of a network of intelligent controllers with full redundancy and high resilience.
  • A standalone controller for brownfield solutions with third-party controllers, adding ESS capabilities to existing power plants. The standalone variant can also be used on its own as a local ESS/EMS controller, for example in ESS rental applications.

Wide range of control strategies

The ASC-4 Battery handles ESS charging and discharging as required by the operating scenario. Charge and discharge control can be based on the SOC (state of charge) of the ESS; in case of low SOC, the controller can request power from another source (for example a genset) through a command or using a digital output. Charging and discharging can also be controlled using Schedular-Command timers that allow you to define which sources to charge from, and when (for example to charge the ESS from PV panels during the daytime so it is ready for night operation).

The ASC-4 Battery includes industry-standard control strategies such as peak shaving, load take-over, fixed power, and automatic mains failure (AMF), allowing it to be used for a wide range of applications such as automatic grid/power quality support with active or reactive power, spinning reserve capability (reducing the number of gensets running), frequency and load response, and load control, keeping the genset load at a pre-set level (minimum/optimum) through charging and discharging. You can define and change the priority of connected power sources in a hybrid power plant.

Energy source, power source, or droop mode

The ASC-4 Battery can control a grid forming energy source or a grid-following power source. It is also able to run in droop mode (acting as a virtual synchronous generator) if the ESS supports this. The ASC-4 Battery can switch operating modes very quickly as required, although the actual speed of the mode switch depends on the connected inverters and on other controllers in the EMS, if any.

The controller has built-in power metering, measuring busbar voltage, current, and frequency before and after the breakers. Operation and mode switches can be configured to be based on these readings, for example carrying out mode switches based on voltage and frequency changes. The ASC-4 Battery can also get power readings from external power meters in the power plant or from third-party controllers.

Full compatibility with wide range of equipment

Both variants of the ASC-4 Battery ensure full communication with the ESS. They can communicate with a BCU (battery control unit) or directly with a BMS (battery management system) or PCS (power control system) over Modbus, allowing the ASC-4 Battery to be used with a wide range of ESSes in any application. See the compatibility list under Documentation/Application notes for more information.

The ASC-4 Battery is designed for full compatibility with DEIF controllers such as the AGC-4 Mk II and ASC-4 Solar, allowing you to set up an EMS quickly and efficiently. The standalone variant communicates with third-party controllers over Modbus.

M-Logic provides flexibility and customisability

The setup of the ASC-4 Battery can quickly and easily be reconfigured as needed using the user-friendly M-Logic tool (part of DEIF’s free PC utility software offering). This allows the controller to be customised to a wide range of local applications.

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