AGC 200

Advanced genset controller

DEIF Advanced Genset Controller, AGC 200, meets and surpasses OEM needs for synchronisation. A cost effective, compact, scalable and all-in-one product, the AGC 200 comes in several variants.

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AGC 200 controller

DEIF Advanced Genset Controller, AGC 200, meets and surpasses OEM needs for synchronisation. The AGC 200 is a costeffective, compact, scalable and all-in-one product - the AGC 200 comes in several variants.

The advanced controller series, AGC 200, integrates all necessary functions for genset protection and control, stands out for its reliability and operator-friendliness, and features patent-pending DEIF Emulation to speed up design, testing and commissioning, saving man hours and costs.

Applying asymmetric load sharing to ensure optimal load on the genset, the AGC 200 also cuts operating costs and reduces harmful emissions. With temperature dependent cooling, the AGC 200 arrests cooling at pre-programmed cool-down temperatures and features automatic priority selection, setting the optimum combination of gensets for optimised fuel consumption.

AGC 200: Critical power applications

With its integrated load and power management functionality, the AGC 200 secures backup power availability when you need it. An ideal solution for critical power applications, such as data centres, hospitals, airports and fish farms.

AGC 200: Rental genset applications

Rental companies will benefit from the standardised user interfaces of all DEIF controllers. The controllers have been designed with ease of operation in view and rental companies can easily set and lock parameters to ensure full protection of their equipment.

AGC 200: Hybrid applications

AGC 200 is plug’n’play compatible with DEIF’s ASC-4 hybrid controller for easy integration of diesel genset applications into a variety of hybrid installations. The market-leading solution maximises sustainable power penetration while always securing a sufficient amount of spinnning reserve in case PV production drops.

AGC 200: Available standard modes:

Island mode: Power plant with synchronising generators or a stand-alone generator. Also applicable in critical power plants.

Automatic Mains Failure: Critical power/emergency standby plants, black start generator.

Fixed power: Power plant with fixed kW set point (including building load).

Peak shaving: Power plant where generator supplies peak load demand paralleled to the mains.

Load takeover: Plant mode where the load is moved from mains to generator, for example peak demand periods or periods with risk of power outages.

Mains power export: Power plant with fixed kW set point (excluding building load).

All modes are configurable, and it is possible to change the plant mode on the fly both in single and in power management applications.

AGC 200 variants:

  • AGC 212: single genset in island operation
  • AGC 213: single genset for automatic mains failure operation
  • AGC 222: multiple genset with advanced power management in plants up to 32 generators (limited I/O)
  • AGC 232: multiple genset in island applications with digital load sharing
  • AGC 233: single genset for automatic mains failure, peak shaving, load take over and mains power export operation
  • AGC 242: multiple genset with advanced power management in plants up to16 generators
  • AGC 243: control of single or multiple gensets
  • AGC 244: bus tie breaker
  • AGC 245: mains breaker control
  • AGC 246: mains and tie breaker
  • AGC 252: multiple gensets with advanced power management in plants up to 256 generators
  • IOM 200: analogue interface for AGC 200 family


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