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Offering a number of advanced functions, including direct access to the main functions using the pushbuttons on the front, the XDi Navigation version (XDi-N) is the top model of DEIF’s display-based indicator range.

With the XDi-N you can implement the same design across your bridge and combine propulsion and steering indication with a number of navigation indicators. Use DEIF’s standard libraries or have your own created. Utilise the two standard CAN busses and the XDi-net data sharing and system integration functions to optimise your system with centralised group control functions.

XDi-N main NMEA unit

The XDi-N main indicator is delivered with one NX2 NMEA input/output (I/O) module that in most cases covers all the needs for NMEA I/O.

XDi-N CAN repeater

The XDi-N CAN repeater indicator functions are identical to the main unit and receives data via CANbus (XDi-net). Therefore no NMEA extension module is required.

XDi-N navigation indicator library

DEIF offers a selection of standard navigation or wind indicator libraries. Over time, these will come to include heading, rate of turn, speed, depth, position, date/time, steering and WP info, distance, weather, etc.

NMEA data interface

NMEA data in compliant with IEC 61162-1 is standard for the XDi-N which supports more than 80 different data types, including dimming control.

NMEA setup features:

  • Automatic NMEA input scanning and selection
  • Input overview with easy access to make changes
  • NMEA sentence routing from input to output
  • NMEA output configuration


  • XDi-N Main
  • XDi-N Repeater

Extension modules

  • NX2
  • None required

Additional XDi-N accessories

  • Wind sensor WSS 500 series or WSS 750
  • Wind sensor extension cables
  • IP66 connector box kit
  • IP67 connector kit (WSS/WSS-L)
  • TFT graphical LED 3.5, 5 or 7" display
  • Two CAN ports with CANopen and XDi-net
  • Redundant power inputs
  • XDi-Net – add multiple XDi indicators
  • Up to six NMEA inputs & up to four outputs
  • NMEA data offset and averaging functions
  • Dimmer controllable using front/external pushbuttons, analogue, NMEA or CAN/XDi-net.
  • 3 level priority data fall-back function
  • True wind data calculation
  • Calculate magnetic or true heading
  • XDi-net group dimmer and day/night colour shift
  • Toggle between up to four predefined indicator screens using the mode function
  • Quick-switch between measuring units either locally or for the entire system
  • Customised indicator designs available on request
  • Standard day and night designs, dusk on request
  • Optional analogue or digital inputs
  • Optional warning and alarms/relay output
  • MED and other relevant class approvals
  • XDI performance types

    XDi series – introduction

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