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Wind alarm system WAU 100 - Description

WAU 100 is a touch screen wind alarm to be mounted in the cargo control room. The wind alarm monitors the wind speed and direction during operation in port and activates alarms if the set points are exceeded.

The touch screen gives you an overview of wind direction and speed, and you can acknowledge alarms and manage your settings. In the wind alarm system is a mini USB stores wind and alarm data for later analysis in Excel.

The wind alarm,WAU 100, comprises a built-in thermal printer providing you with receipts on alarms, wind speed and time info.

Wind alarm system WAU 100 - Features

The wind alarm by DEIF has a list of many features:

  • NMEA0183 input
    • 1 channel for MWV (wind)
    • 1 channel for UTC time (ZDA or RMC)
  • Easy installation, simple wiring
  • Touch screen
  • Wind data and alarm are logged


Sprog Dokumenter Revision
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Data Sheet
Sprog Dokumenter Revision
Flag eng WAU 100 Data sheet 4921250080 UK.pdf A
Installation Instructions
Operator's Manual
Sprog Dokumenter Revision
Flag eng WAU 100 Operators manual 4189350083 UK.pdf A

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