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The SGC 110 controller has a user-friendly interface and full graphics LCD and includes engine safety monitoring, genset voltage and frequency measurement (true RMS). 
Configurable analogue and digital inputs/outputs are provided for various features. 
Start and stop gensets remotely using the Remote start/stop function. 
Deep sleep mode is a useful feature that extends the battery lifetime by suspending the normal controller functions of when the genset is off. 
Configure parameters from a PC using DEIF Smart Connect utility software. Connect to the PC through the controller’s USB Type B port.
  • Auto, manual and remote start/stop modes for operation 
  • Island application support 
  • Deep sleep mode extends the battery lifetime 
  • Inputs: 3 resistive, 5 digital input 
  • 6 digital outputs 
  • Controls start relay, fuel relay, stop relay, alarm horn and more 
  • Supports the battery charging alternator I/O interface 
  • Monitors 1-phase/3-phase voltage and frequency for the generator 
  • Monitors engine safety parameters like lube oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel level and more