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Paralleling and protection unit (PPU 300)

The marine and offshore industry faces many challenges in terms of cost, space, efficiency and reliability. When investing in products and systems which monitor and control critical infrastructure such as generators, customers need the assurance that the products can meet these challenges not only from an initial design and installation perspective but also for long-term service, maintenance and upgrades. For customers who are seeking a cost-efficient, yet flexible generator control solution, DEIF’s innovative PPU 300 is a versatile and intelligent solution, specifically designed to meet these challenges.  

Advanced functions for a greener world

Leveraging the flexibility of the PPU 300 saves investment and maintenance costs since the PPU 300 can be configured for a wide range of different applications, thus alleviating the need to have multiple products or vendors. An extensive range of protection, supervision and advanced control functions, including market-leading fuel optimisation technology, are provided for a wide variety of applications.  Applications include generator control and protection developed for diesel generators (including emergency diesel generators), shaft generators, shore connections, and bus tie breakers. 

Space-saving, flexible and modular infrastructure

The PPU 300’s cost and space efficiency, flexibility and configurability are thanks to DEIF’s Multi-line 300 platform which offers a number of different plug-in modules, to meet the varying application requirements.   Modules are installed in space-saving 4 or 7 slot extension racks which are expandable with up to 10 racks per controller (1 primary controller rack + 9 extension racks), giving each individual PPU 300 controller system support for 59 I/O modules. The Multi-line system also provides multiple controller capability allowing the expansion of up to 32 individual PPU 300 systems, giving a flexibility and scalability that caters for installations ranging from small vessels to very large power plants. A single PPU 300 can provide ANSI 87G differential protection functionality.

User-friendly operator control

Designed to be simple and user-friendly, the display unit includes a 5” colour graphic screen with intuitive menus and logical sequences and icons, making it easy to configure and set up and perform maintenance and upgrades.  Fast readout of live data and easy access to alarms handling allows quick and efficient use in day to day operations. Design documentation, configuration, commissioning and changes are simplified by using DEIF’s PICUS free PC software.  This time-saving supplementary package can create a single-line diagram for the system, and configure the inputs, outputs and parameters for all the controllers and offers emulation, supervision, and management of permissions, backups and firmware updates.

Reduced installation, service, maintenance and upgrade costs

Service, maintenance and upgrade costs are minimised, and obsolescence issues mitigated, thanks to the intelligent modular design which supports easy replacement on board, assisted with automatic functionality recognition. Combined with the unique broadcast feature which allows easy broadcast and replication of single or multiple parameters across multiple controllers, significantly reduce the installation, commissioning and upgrade times and operationally make frequency and voltage changes for differing shore connections a simple task. Upgrades/retrofitting is made easy with Flexible Modbus, allowing users to customise their own Modbus Tables plus exporting and importing capability.

Features (PPU 300)

All in one controller: genset control, monitor and protection, breaker operation

  • Requires external control from PLC/operator

Control and protection for generators, shafts, shore connection and bus tie breakers

  • Breaker open/close and trip
  • Generator one touch sequences for genset start and stop, and breaker close and open
  • ANSI 87G differential protection for generator
  • Automatic synchronise and de-load breaker

User Features

  • Broadcast of software
  • Emulation and supervision
  • High-resolution 5" colour graphic display with push-buttons
  • Advanced alarm handling with latch and shelve functions
  • Event and alarm log, with real-time clock
  • Pre-defined control settings
  • User-friendly logic configuration tool, based on ladder logic and function blocks with monitor operation
  • Easy-to-use PC tool (PICUS)
  • Flexible Modbus - allows users to customise their own Modbus plus exporting and importing capability
  • Multilanguage support
  • Flexible backup and restore options
  • Network Time Protocol support
  • Password-protected, with customisable permission levels

Multi-Line 300 platform support

  • Flexible and modular input/output with metal rack
  • Plug & play, auto-configure I/O modules and network

Fast load reduction of less than 100 ms

Advanced fuel optimisation feature

3-phase AC measurement up to 690 V AC directly, class 0.5

Installing the display unit (DU 300)

Installing the Multi line 300 controller rack

Introduction to the display unit (DU 300)

Unboxing the display unit (DU 300)


Designer's Handbook
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Installation Instructions
Modbus tables
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Other Technical Documentation
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Product Sheet
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