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The input/output module has 12 transistor outputs and 16 digital inputs. These I/Os are all configurable.

The controller can use transistor outputs for many purposes. Examples: Activate alarm devices, open and close breakers, and genset speed and voltage regulation.

Physical connections

  • Supply
    • Positive supply for transistor terminals (12 or 24 V DC)
  • 12 x transistor outputs (Configurable)
    • PNP – Transistor output (< 55 °C: 250 mA; > 55 °C: 200 mA)
  • 16 x digital inputs. (Configurable)
    • ON: -36 to -8 V DC, and 8 to 36 V DC
    • OFF: -2 to 2 V DC
    • Voltage withstand: ±36 V DC

Transistor output characteristics and configuration

  • All transistor outputs are configurable. You can assign a digital output function, or configure one alarm, for a transistor output. You can program customised transistor output functions using CustomLogic (PICUS software). You can also create customised digital output functions using CustomLogic, and assign a transistor output.
  • The transistor hardware itself is normally open. The transistor output state (whether it is open or closed) depends on the configuration in software and the function (or alarm) state. 

Digital input characteristics

  • IOM3.4 has two independent groups of digital inputs with separate common terminals.