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The EPQ96-2 is a digitally controlled electronic unit that replaces normal motor potentiometers for control of  electronic speed governors. The unit has both manual and auto mode options and onverts the relay output from a PI controller to a control voltage/current, or PWM signal as input for the electronic speed governor. The EPQ96-2 also has a J1939 to analogue converter. In case of supply voltage drop-outs, the potentiometer is automatically reset to adjusted pre-set values or, after reconnecting to the supply voltage, to values identical to eadings prior to drop-out.
  • Control of electronic speed governors
  • Setting of integrating time (like variable gearboxes)
  • Adjustment of output signal
  • Offset adjustment
  • Manual/auto mode
  • Analogue and digital output
  • Converts a J1939 CAN input to an analogue or a PWM output
  • Q96 panel mounting


Mounting Instructions

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