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Top of the range, DEIF’s advanced Delomatic 400 gas (DM 400 gas) system is a comprehensive and versatile platform for controlling and monitoring all aspects of gas engine-
driven gensets up to full Combined Heat and Power (CHP) control, including valves, pumps and fans etc.

The DM 400 gas controller is designed as a modular process control. It covers the special requirements for decentralised energy production plants with respect to reliability, robustness, flexibility, and remote accessibility.

The DM 400 gas is typically used for Gas CHPs with combustion engines and generators for fully automated(unmanned) operation.

The unique integration combined with support from our gas competence centre results in a simple and very user-friendly installation and day-to-day operation of your gas CHP.

DM 400 gas’ high integration level eliminates the need for external controllers, making it a very cost-efficient solution.

  • Gas engine and generator control, protection, synchronising and load sharing for both active and reactive power
  • Mains protection including loss of mains detection
  • Control of aux systems: gas mixture and gas circuit, air circuits/exhaust gas, cooling circuits/ emergency coolers, heating circuits etc
  • Emission control and communication to ignition system (Altronic CD200, Heinzmann Phlox 2 and others)
  • PC touch interface including animated flow diagrams, log books and so on for easy supervision of the entire CHP (locally and remotely)

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