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The automatic genset controller (AGC-3) has all the necessary functions for protection and control of your genset, ranging from a single unit to complex power plants. The applied technology is based on products that have passed the strictest marine approval procedures for product robustness, reliability and durability.

Combining this with a high degree of flexibility, the AGC-3 is an ideal choice for: 
Rental genset applications as they are characterised by requirements for fast and simple switchover to other applications as well as fuel-savings functionality.

Backup power systems where safety and redundant systems are vital to secure a stable power supply that never lets you down.

The true meaning of flexibility

The AGC software supports 3 different main applications:

Single genset applications (island, several parallel to mains, Automatic Mains Failure):

  • genset and one generator breaker
  • 0-1 mains

Combined backup power and power production plants with up to 56 breakers:

  • 0 - 16 mains (16 mains breakers and 16 tie breakers)
  • 0 - 16 gensets
  • 0 - 8 bus tie breakers
  • Bus bar ring connection
  • Redundancy in the controllers, on the CAN communication between the controllers and in the applications, if required.

Fully automated power plants controlling up to 256 gensets producing power to 1 mains:

  • 2 - 17 mains (16 tie breakers and 1 mains breaker)
  • 17 -256 gensets
  • All breakers can be synchronised
  • J1939 engine communication, supporting 11 different engine brands
  • Numerous operating modes in one software
  • Readout of engine diagnostics in clear text


Commissioning Guidelines
Sprog Dokumenter Revision
Flag zho 通用调试指南_4189340819_中文.pdf C
Description of Options
Sprog Dokumenter Revision
Flag eng AGC-3 Option G4 G5 and G8 Power management 4189340696 UK.pdf H
Flag deu AGC-3 Option G4 G5 and G8 Power management 4189341069 DE.pdf A
Flag zho AGC-3_选项_G4,_G5,_G8_功率管理_4189341096_中文.pdf A
Flag eng Option A1 mains protection package 4189340684 UK E
Flag deu Option A1 Netzschutzpaket 4189340544 DE G
Flag eng Option A4 Loss of mains protection package 4189340691 UK B
Flag eng Option A5 directional over-current protection 4189340692 UK B
Flag spa Option C2 Generator add-on protection package 4189340635 ES D
Flag deu Option C2 Generator add-on protection package 4189340693 DE.pdf F
Flag eng Option C2 Generator add-on protection package 4189340693 UK G
Flag deu Option D1 Voltage var cos phi control 4189340537 DE.pdf C
Flag spa Option D1 Voltage, var, cos phi control 4189340636 ES E
Flag eng Option D1 voltage, var, cos phi control 4189340694 UK G
Flag eng Option E and F analogue controller, transducer outputs 4189340681 UK D
Flag deu Option E und F Analoge Regler- und Messumformerausg 4189340538 DE.pdf D
Flag eng Option G3 load sharing 4189340695 UK A
Flag eng Option H2 and H9 Modbus communication 4189340442 UK.pdf Y
Flag eng Option H3 Serial communication Profibus DP 4189340443 UK.pdf H
Flag spa Option H3 Serial communication Profibus DP 4189340637 ES.pdf C
Flag eng Option H5 H7 H12 and H13 MTU MDEC ADEC J1939 CANbus engine interface 4189340674 UK O
Flag eng Option H6 Cummins GCS communication 4189340698 UK D
Flag eng Option H8 and H12 external IO modules 4189340675 UK G
Flag deu Option M12 EA-Erweiterungskarten, 13 Binäreing, 4 Relaisausg 4189340539 DE D
Flag eng Option M12 IO extension card 13 dig inputs, 4 relay outputs 4189340699 UK A
Flag deu Option M13 EA-Erweiterungskarten, 7 Binäreing 4189340540 DE D
Flag eng Option M13 IO extension card 7 dig inputs 4189340700 UK A
Flag eng Option M14 IO extension card 4 relay outputs 4189340682 UK C
Flag deu Option M15 EA-Erweiterungskarten, 4x 4-20 mA Eing 4189340542 DE D
Flag eng Option M15 IO extension card 4 analogue inputs 4189340683 UK D
Flag eng Option N Ethernet IP 4189340801 UK.pdf B
Flag eng Option N Modbus TCP IP 4189340701 UK E
Flag deu Option N Modbus TCP IP 4189340725 DE.pdf E
Flag eng Option P1 event and alarm printer 4189340453 UK B
Flag deu Option X Additional display and operator panel 4189340546 DE H
Flag eng Option X Additional display and operator panel 4189340702 UK E
Flag zho 选项_A4_市电失电保护功能包_4189340691_(中文).pdf B
Flag zho 选项_A5_方向过电流_-_电流保护_4189340758_中文.pdf B
Flag zho 选项_C2_发电机扩展保护功能包_4189340693_(中文).pdf G
Flag zho 选项_D1_电压、无功、功率因数控制_4189340694_中文.pdf F
Flag zho 选项_E_和_F_模拟量输出_4189340829_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_H2_和_H9_Modbus_通讯_4189340870_中文.pdf C
Flag zho 选项_H3_Profibus_DP_通讯_4189340857_中文.pdf B
Flag zho 选项_H5,_H7,_H12和_H13_MTU_MDEC,_ADEC,_J1939_CANbus_发动机通讯_4189340864_中文.pdf D
Flag zho 选项_H8,_H12_外部扩展IO模块_4189340859_中文.pdf C
Flag zho 选项_M12_IO_扩展卡_13个开关量输入,_4个继电器输出_4189341134_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_M13_IO扩展卡7个开关量输入_4189341135_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_M14_IO扩展卡_4个继电器输出_4189341136_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_M15_IO扩展卡_4个模拟量输入_4189340852_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_N_以太网通讯_4189340889_中文.pdf B
Designer's Reference Handbook
Parameter List
Sprog Dokumenter Revision
Flag eng AGC-3 parameter list 4189340705 UK C