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The insulation monitor AAL-2 - Description

The AAL-2 from DEIF is an insulation monitor and is used to supervise insulation resistance between an isolated AC voltage distribution network and an earth/safety cable.

The insulation monitor, AAL-2 from DEIF, is applicable with single-phase and 3-phase networks with/without neutral for voltages up to 440 V AC.

The AAL-2 has a built-in relay output and an adjustable warning set point.

The insulation monitor AAL-2 - the features

The insulation monitor, AAL-2, from DEIF has a high number of features:

  • Insulation monitoring of AC networks of up to 440 V AC
  • 10 M or 1 M ranges
  • Adjustable warning set point
  • Delay to prevent unwanted warnings

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