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AGI 400 software release

a new update for AGI 400 is out!


AGI 400 software release

We’re pleased to announce that a new update for the AGI 400 is ready.

Our new AGI 300/400 SW package ver. 2.8 provides you with a lot of cool features that will make you love your AGI 400 even more.

Save time and reduce manual tasks

Time is money, so you will probably be pleased to note that this update includes many time-saving features:

  • Edit all widgets within a class all at once.
  • Connect up to three clients to one master screen.
  • Search, rename and replace tags - if you are low on tags, you can even search unused tags.

Improved user experience

The update also unveils features that will refine your experience when operating the AGI 400:

  • Easier and faster navigation.
  • Improved swipe functions.
  • Set up customised actions.
  • Boot time up to 3x faster.

So, to sum up this update: It will save you time, manual tasks and minimise the risk of failures.

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