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Want to see what the future has in store for you?

Sign up for DEIF’s Critical Power Webinar on 17 May 2018 from 9 AM CET and spend 1 hour getting up to speed on the latest within and future perspectives of emergency, backup and standby power control technology!

Similar to us at DEIF, most consulting engineer companies have also noticed the substantial increase in the number of installations that require reliable and quick responding power supply alternatives when the conventional power supply fails or is interrupted. Data centres, hospitals, airports, financial institutions and fish farms are just a few such examples where an uninterrupted supply of power is crucial. The power management technologies of today – and tomorrow – are constantly under development. Consulting engineer companies like yours may therefore find it useful to interact and partner up with specialists who are fully focused on that particular field of expertise. DEIF is one such specialist.

To watch the webinar, click here

Webinar agenda:

  • Characteristics of the global critical power market(s)
  • Project examples from around the world
  • Introduction to technology & solutions
  • Technical features in more detail
  • Benefits for you & your customers

If you’d like to know what’s behind buzzwords like ‘remote monitoring’, ‘asymmetric load sharing’, ‘digital voltage control’, ‘load profile priority’ and ‘redundant operation’ you’re in for a treat with this webinar. Sign up and experience the meaning behind DEIF’s brand promise: POWER EFFICIENCY.

Christian Richard Bech, Webinar Master, DEIF A/S

+45 9614 4323 |