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All together - a stronger DEIF

DEIF has decided to merge the two divisions - Power & Marine and Wind Power Technology - into one single organisation. This creates a wide range of synergies: On the market we can offer integrated solutions, including, for example, solar, wind, diesel gensets and batteries. Technologically, we can effectively combine the strength that each division has built up. Finally, we get a better opportunity to integrate the sales efforts through our 12 foreign subsidiaries.

The background for the merge is the rapid development of the energy- and marine sectors with focus on optimising the overall energy systems by using microgrids - decentralised electricity grids. Here, the green energy production can be combined with local consumers, with a minimum use of energy and the lowest environmental impact. The development is also seen in the marine market, where ships are increasingly equipped with batteries to reduce CO2 emissions and harmful smoke.

The development in the field of IT and electronics is also moving very fast. Technologies such as machine learning, AI and Internet of Things, offer great opportunities for DEIF to develop even better and more intelligent products across business areas.

Toke Foss, CEO; says: "We chose 9 years ago to separate the wind turbine technology into a separate division whereby we could focus on building up this new business within DEIF. We have now come to a point where the products are fully developed; and wind power technology is in a phase where it is obvious to exploit the synergy with the other DEIF business. Large global customers increasingly demand integrated solutions; thus, it is no longer practical to keep the areas separated into divisions. I am convinced that this will be a win-win for both customers, employees and DEIF as a whole".

The new Executive Board at DEIF


Jacob Støvring Christensen (CTO/SVP R&D), Henrik M. Andersen (CFO/SVP Finance), Christian Nielsen (SVP Sales & Business Areas), Toke Foss (Group CEO), Chanette N. Oksborg Pedersen (COO/SVP Global Operation), Marjanne Grønhøj (SVP HR & Communication)