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Monitor your turbines on your mobile or computer!

If you want to stay updated on the operational status of your entire turbine portfolio 24/7, DEIF’s new Wind Power Portal is the answer. The web-based online portal offers access to all your turbines from computers and IOS or Android phones, and it supports AWC 500 controllers as standard and AWC 400 with a simple add on.

Location, operational status & data

Once connected to your profile, the Wind Power Portal show all your turbines on a map and indicates the operational status of each of them. It also enables you to see live production data, such as active/nominal/reactive power, rotor speed, wind direction and speed, for each turbine. Using the ‘production overview’, you can see the daily, monthly and annual electricity production and compare it to historical data. This way you can make sure you turbines are always optimised.

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