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Glocal CSR - DEIF Wind Power Technology

Danish work conditions in local Philippine production facilities

DEIF Wind Power Technology invests whole-hearted into CSR by implementing Danish work conditions for local Philippine employees. The effort improves sourcing and competitiveness significantly. The highest quality is achieved by moving part of a complex and expensive production process of racks for DEIF’s Advanced Wind Turbine Controller, AWC 500.

Strengthening competitiveness

As a supplier of robust and innovative wind turbine control solutions, DEIF Wind Power Technology sets quality first and focuses continuously on delivering quality above standards. At the same time, we secure cost-effectiveness of our products and solutions. Dedicated to our business, we focus on maintaining and improving our competitive position to secure future growth on the global market.

High demands for the robustness of the electrical system of a wind turbine are crucial for our products as they include a large amount of metal work as well as precision and accuracy in the production of racks. This is what makes our Advanced Wind Turbine Controller, AWC 500, mechanically and electrically robust.

Moving part of the production of racks to the Philippines has improved our sourcing significantly. This has improved logistics and secured a much more cost-effective product, thus strengthening our competitive position. As a result, DEIF Wind Power Technology has the opportunity to invest in local work conditions and methods at local production facilities with a view to ensuring high product quality.

Whole-hearted investment in local work conditions

Producing part of the racks in the Philippines, DEIF Wind Power Technology remains focused Corporate Social Responsibility in order to give the local employees the same work conditions as in Denmark. For this purpose, we are willing to create healthy and safe work conditions for the workers. The partnership with the supplier Tae Sung Phils was established on the basis of their willingness to create good work conditions for local employees. In addition, the supplier is strongly committed to aspects such as quality, product finish and on-time delivery, openness to innovation, which were the baseline of fulfilling CSR efforts and make sourcing more efficient at the same time as production is streamlined in Denmark.

By carrying out various local audits, we secure the Danish work conditions are maintained according to environmental and workers safety and at the Philippine workplace (view picture).

CSR WPT news

Reflecting a healthy culture, the employees express satisfaction towards the work environment and community.

A good community and work-relation is an important part of the cross cultural collaboration…“I have a very close relation to management and colleagues. They have a very professional approach and share the same work values and norms as we do in our Danish company, this is very important to us”, says Frank Aaby, Project and Sourcing Manager.

Production of racks for the AWC 500

Production of racks for our advanced turbine controller, AWC 500, is now carried out in the Philippines according to Danish safety and quality standards. Once the racks have been produced, they are assembled in China or Denmark. Our turbine controllers are made to withstand the toughest environmental conditions of a wind turbine and therefore the production process is meticulous and complex. The advanced turbine controller is one of our main turbine components.

For handling and production of the cabinets, employees and managers in the Philippine production have participated in long-term training courses to learn how to handle and ensure high quality and finish of the cabinets so they comply with our extreme criteria for robustness and ability to cope with tough environments. 

*DEIF is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and UN Global Compact Principles