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Demand-Side-Response in the UK

Want to make a profit on your backup power system?

WHITEPAPER: Demand-Side-Response helps National Grid manage peaks & troughs

Storing electricity cannot be managed in a viable manner, so at any moment in time, electricity demand and supply must be equal. Every second of every minute of every hour, National Grid must maintain this vital balance; too much electricity, and equipment could fail, too little, and there is a risk of blackouts.

Demand-Side-Response (DSR) technologies help National Grid to manage peaks and troughs in electricity supply and demand – for example when a power station fails – and in the process, help to reduce UK carbon emissions and provide a more robust energy network.

If you join in, you'll be able to sell your excess power to the grid. You need to run your back system regularly anyway, so why not make a profit on it. It's pure win-win! 

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"Did you know that you can make a profit on helping the UK National Grid keep the balance between electricity supply and demand to ensure there are NO power blackouts?

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