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DEIF ISO 14001 certified

In the beginning of July 2013, DEIF A/S was awarded the ISO 14001 certificate by the auditing company Lloyd’s Register. The certificate was issued without remarks.

ISO 14001 helps organisations minimise and reduce environmental impacts of their operations and processes.

For DEIF this means keeping our manufacturing processes as environmentally friendly as possible. For instance, we optimise our energy consumption using our own electronic monitoring products.

DEIF’s green mindset extends beyond this, however. For years, DEIF’s vision has been to ’be the preferred global supplier of green, safe and reliable energy control solutions’. To our customers it means that we develop products and solutions that are as energy efficient as possible.

‘Whenever a DEIF solution is implemented, we want it to be better for the environment than any other alternative available on the market’, says Toke Foss, owner and CEO of the DEIF Group. ‘A DEIF solution is a greener choice because it optimises operations. Reduced fuel consumption and maintenance are just a few examples of the results this may have for our customers. We are therefore happy and proud of having passed the ISO 14001 certification with flying colors. This is just another proof that DEIF is taking the environment very seriously`, Toke Foss concludes.

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