Improved fuel economy without jeopardising the performance

What if we told you that installing the energy management system Blueflow instantly would lower your fuel consumption with a minimum of 10 % in case of proper use? Not as a result of slowing down but a consequence of your crew’s increased awareness! 

How the captain manoeuvres the ship is very individual but it can have an enormous impact on the total fuel consumption. The table below is a record of five individual captains navigation on the same route.

There is a significant difference between captain A and captain C’s numbers. Captain C’s way of piloting the ship consumes 85 litres more than Captain A – that’s 40, 6 % more fuel in just one sailing and no difference in the travel time!

Wouldn’t you prefer all your captains to navigate like Captain A? 


Blueflow helps your crew evaluate their navigation by giving instant feedback. It is an eye-opener for the crew to see how even minor changes have a positive effect on fuel economy. The system offers numerous displays promoting eco-driving and monitoring energy consumers. Fuel profiles are automatically generated showing the vessel’s fuel consumption at different speeds. Blueflow also forecasts fuel consumption if changing ship speed. This feature enables the crew to reduce fuel consumption by optimising the ship speed.

Besides saving money on reduced fuel consumption and lowering environmental impact, Blueflow enables your crew to compare fuel consumption with the colleagues. Collegial competition and common goals strengthen the collaboration and are motivating and encouraging to your crew. 

Optimised route planning 

blue-flow-map-location-of-boatEvery single route is monitored, geotagged and stored so that for instance fuel efficiency for different trips on the same route can be compared. It helps your crew plan the most optimum and energy efficient route.

Improve your business performance

Access real-time performance data from any screen no matter where in the world your ship is located. Blueflow monitors every ship and stores data on position, speed, fuel and energy consumption plus other relevant parameters. 

The inbuilt report builder creates appealing and insightful data visualisations providing you with a complete overview of your fleet. With Blueflow you don’t have to rely on your gut feeling – you can make decisions based on facts and actionable insights.


What’s the potential?

Are you still having doubts about whether your business could benefit from implementing BlueFlow? Let’s make a quick calculation:

Let’s say your estimated fuel consumption is 10 tons/day, that’s 3.650 tons/year. The fuel price is approx $ 700/ton equals 2,55 million a year. If you could reduce your fuel consumption with let’s say 5%, you would save $ 125.000/year. The BlueFlow investment is around $40.000 so your return on investment will be around 4 months.




MRV reporting made easy with Blueflow

The shipping industry continuously faces new responsibilities. Initially, the EU adopted the Monitoring, Reporting, Verification regulation (MRV) requiring ship owners to monitor emissions for vessels of 5,000 gross tonnage (GT) and above calling ports in the EU. 


In January 2019 the International Maritime Organization (IMO)* adopted the legislation worldwide and the first time for submitting reports will be 31 December 2019. This could cause some extra administrative work but with Blueflow your EU MRV compliant emission reports are automatically created and they can be submitted electronically in just a few clicks. Not only do you save a lot of time, but you are also sure that the reports fulfil all the requirements.

*the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships.

SOx compliance – think ahead

Scrubber installations are becoming increasingly present in the maritime industry as they are one way to comply with the 2020 global sulphur limit. In time, shipowners with scrubbers installed probably will be required to make an extended annual emissions report, including SOx and NOx emissions and quality of discharge water.

The Blueflow system can be used for monitoring the scrubber system by connecting sensors.  All collected data will be transmitted automatically to the Blueflow system that will generate reports automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, ready for submitting to the supervisory authority.
Additionally, Blueflow sends alarms if emissions exceed setpoint limitations or if the bleed off quality in a closed loop system does not comply with standards. Blueflow provides a continuous monitoring solution for scrubber and filtration system conditions, chemical consumptions, etc. 


Saved energy is money in the bank

Various parameters influence the energy consumption and savings are not only achieved by optimising manoeuvring. DEIF offers a complete energy management concept including:

  • Advanced power management system
  • Integrated consumer management system
  • Integrated propulsion control
  • Advanced engine control system
  • Integrated remote service and support 

Download the Blueflow handout here.

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