Cut fuel usage and improved bottom line

Styrsöbolaget saved more than 50% on fuel consumption by changing their way of manoeuvring

Blueflow makes passenger transport in the Swedish archipelago more eco-friendly

The eco-conscious Swedish ship owner, Styrsöbolaget was determined to minimise its environmental impact and needed a system to promote eco-driving in its fleet. They chose Blueflow because of how it presents fuel consumption in a new and clearer way. Not only did Blueflow reduce fuel consumption with 20- 25%, it also revolutionised the attitude towards environmental awareness.

50% of fuel savings changed the staff’s point of view

Back in 2010, Styrsöbolaget installed the energy management system Blueflow on four of its 18 ships. One harbour vessel, one high-speed catamaran and two regular passenger ferries had Blueflow installed. Not all staff members were fond of the idea, and the management met strong objections against the system.

“In the beginning, the staff was convinced that Blueflow would not make them change their way of navigating and they did not think that it would make any difference on the environment”, says Ellinor Svensson, Traffic Manager at Styrsöbolaget.

However, data proved the staff wrong. Not only did Blueflow reduce fuel consumption as a consequence of the captain's change in navigating behaviour, it also changed the staff’s attitude towards the whole eco-driving project. “Some of our captains saved more than 50% on fuel consumption by changing their way of manoeuvring, and they were like 'Oh do these small changes I’ve made mean that much?'" so they truly adapted to the whole idea about minimising the environmental impact”, Ellinor explains. She also says that they did some surprising findings and that some of the things they thought would not impact on the fuel consumption, actually made an enormous difference and vice versa. In other words, Blueflow changed their perception of how to manoeuvre the ships energy-efficiently.

Blueflow impacts the environment AND the bottom line positively

Based on the remarkable results on the initial four boats, Styrsöbolaget decided to install Blueflow on its complete fleet. The company has 18 ships and manages all boat traffic to the car-free islands in the southern part of Gothenburg archipelago. The Swedish shipowner is determined to minimise its footprint, and with around 5,5 million passengers every year and more than 44,000 running hours, the Swedish shipowner would also have financial benefits from lowering fuel consumption.

Today, Blueflow is a deeply integrated part of everyday life at Styrsöbolaget, and the staff uses it to analyse and to optimise their effort continuously, and it shows on the figures. The company has reduced its fuel consumption with an impressive 20-25% over the last nine years, and that means Styrsöbolaget and its team have saved the environment from a large share of unnecessary emissions and the investment per vessel has been paid back in less than a year, Ellinor says.


"Blueflow’s analytic tools enable the staff actually to see the impact of their changed behaviour immediately. It helps them to improve their manoeuvring methods continuously. Using Blueflow is like buying a gym membership – you don’t get fit without exercising."

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