»The XDi has reduced the number of indicators, installation time, and simplified operation«

Johan Spruyt, R&D Engineer, ZF Marine Krimpen

Switch between indicator modes – automatically

Game changer cuts costs

Until recently, renowned ZF Marine Krimpen used traditional indicator technology for its retractable azimuth thruster solutions. Individually customised to each customer, this required numerous indicators for each azimuth propeller – one for each operation mode.

Reducing installation time and costs, DEIF's virtual indicator solution, the XDi, now allows ZF Marine Krimpen to automatically change the indicator scale depending on which mode the retractable azimuth thruster is in.

"With the XDi, we take up much less space in the bridge operator panel and also simplify daily operation since there is just one thruster indicator display regardless of operation mode", R&D Engineer Johan Spruyt from ZF Marine Krimpen states.

ZF Marine Krimpen

Formally known as HRP Thruster Systems, ZF Marine Krimpen has been active on the thruster market since 1973. The company designs and produces a wide range of steerable thrusters for all types of applications throughout the marine industry.

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