»The AGCs have been vital in ensuring optimum generator operation at all times and ultimately help us provide a more sustainable and reliable energy supply.«

Mauricio Garcia, Engineer Manager, Sotreq

Sotreq chose reliability, protection levels, & easy operation

Turning waste into gold

In the São Paulo district of São João, plastic pipes worth gold channel filtered landfill gas for the generators at a nearby 25 MW gas power plant.

Produced by the landfill waste and collected in a number of gas wells distributed across the 80 hectare 500 ft. landfill areas, the biogas is transported from the wells through the pipes to the on-site gas treatment facility located on the top of the landfill mountain.

Here the foul-smelling gas is cooled and the vapour that would otherwise clog the gas pipes and damage the machines later in the treatment process is removed.

Equipped with 16 × 1.54 MW gensets and Caterpillar G3520C engines supplied by Sotreq, Brazil’s biggest Caterpillar dealer, the plant features a DEIF power control system of AGC Automatic Genset Controllers.


Sotreq is a Caterpillar dealer with expertise in the fields of construction, mining, energy, oil and gas. Serving the Southeast, Center-west, north and northeast of Brazil, Sotreq provides CAT machinery, equipment, spare parts, and support.

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