»Using one brand of controllers obviously facilitates operation of the A Geradora fleet…«

A long-standing partnership with a top 100 rental company

Setting the standard

In Brazil, DEIF has formed a long-standing partnership with A Geradora – a successful, can-do rental power supplier that shies away from few challenges, claiming they can solve any job, regardless of location or distance.

To meet all these different types of challenges, A Geradora tested several brands, looking for the most reliable and innovative solutions on the market.

“But since we implemented the first DEIF AGC-3 unit, DEIF and A Geradora have developed a trusted and dedicated partnership,” says Chief Engineer Sergio Alvarez. A Geradora hasn’t looked back.

“We have come to believe so firmly in DEIF’s solutions that we now have approximately 500 gensets and transfer switches equipped with DEIF modules as part of a process that will see us standardise our whole fleet with DEIF solutions, including DEIF’s most recent technology.”

A Geradora

Rents and leases industrial machinery. The company offers power generators, air compressors, mobile platforms, loaders, diggers, and lighting equipment.

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